Oktoberfest 2010

Our third annual Oktoberfest party  on September 25th. was a huge success! Check out our pictures below. We partied until the wee hours of the morning well after the ceremonial kegs ran dry. We had people come from as far as California to experience the Gemütlichkeit! Apart from the authentic Bavarian würsts we enjoyed Hofbrau Beer, traditional Oktoberfest oompa music, and were graced with the presence of at least two authentic Germans (straight from the motherland).

We’ve been thrilled with the attendance of the party the last few years and we really enjoy putting the party together. We regret that next year we won’t be able to throw the party since we’ll be away, but we are looking forward to a return to the party circuit in 2012! We plan on trying to spend 2011’s Oktoberfest celebration at Oktoberfest party headquarters: Munich!

Check out the full Photo Gallery here.

We’re starting over…

We’ve failed miserably the last few years to keep our web presence up-to-date. That means years of lost pictures, videos, clever musings, etc. But no more! We’ve updated the site to help make it easier for us to share our family memories. Enjoy!